Collective Info

HangaroH Collective, originally formed as The In Between Collective, deepens fields of existence into innovative forms of sharing research by experimenting with artistic methods to question and expand frames of reference.

Many of our interventions happen in the public and are often reactions to social processes or interactions with the environment. We embrace place by exploring transdisciplinary approaches in experiential experiments leading to creation.

The collective was formed by the artists Bartaku (Belgium), Seila Fernández Arconada (Spain), Anne Glassner (Austria) and Laurie Sheridan (USA) in Latvia 2016.


Bartaku (BE/FIN) is an artist and researcher with a background in Social Sciences (Lic.). As a Doctoral student at the Department of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University (Fin) he develops the deepening of the entanglement with the Aronia m. berry. His work is process-based, collaborative and transversal, fused by cognitive ecology, consciousness studies, plant neurobiology and energy. Most renowned is his “temporary Photoelectric Digestopians” Lab series that questions mankind’s relation with energy via digestible solar cells on human tongues. Bartaku is participating artist in a five year project that explores new narratives and aesthetics in arts and ecology. He is member of both cultural lab FoAM (Bru) and the Bioartsociety (Fin).

Seila Fernández Arconada is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher. Her process-based practice focuses on exploring artistic methods, its boundaries and new social approaches. 

She has exhibited internationally, recently at Imagined Landscapes (Royal West of England Academy, UK) Inbetween Storage (SERDE, Latvia), B-SIDE Festival (UK), ‘Migration, Identity and Belonging’ (Institut Français, Mauritius) and Afluents (CAPP ACVic, Spain). She is Honorary Research Staff in the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Bristol (UK) and research collaborator at ‘Art, Research and Feminism’ at the University of the Basque Country (Spain). In addition, she has delivered numerous cross-disciplinary workshops and interventions, recent examples include: AGU (USA), Communities Development in Post-Crisis Regions (Ukraine), Governing for Resilience in Vulnerable Places (Netherlands), Transnational Dialogues (China), On Earth, (UK), Role Models (Ukraine) and Wonder, Wander (Spring Sessions, Jordan).

Anne Glassner is a Vienna (AUS) based visual and performance artist and she mostly works with interventions in public space, performance, installation, video and drawing. Inspired by daily life situations her work is often process based. Many works are concerned with sleep and consciousness, private and public, fake and reality, and borders of legal and illegal. Recently she started researching the subject of sleep in general and the subject of lucid dreaming in particular.

Anne Glassner studied Art History at the University of Vienna, Art and Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts  Vienna (degree 2008) and Fine Arts (Painting) at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna where she received her degree in 2016. Since 2016 she studies at the Academy for Consciousness Research Vienna. She has had numerous exhibitions, performances, workshops in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy,  Turkey, Latvia, U.S. and South Korea. She has been collaborating with various artists.

Laurie Sheridan is an interdisciplinary artist based in the Hudson Valley region of New York; she is formerly of New York City. Her art is grounded in the belief in a universal energy running through all things. Her sculptures, drawings and monoprints explore the relationship between primordial energy, the collective unconscious, and the natural world. She strives to make the invisible visible with her cast-resin spinning and oozing forms; they are like an ancestral sap, or a whirling, uplifting energy field containing a life-force. Many pieces are lit from within with LED lights powered by solar panels; others are simply translucent and meant to conduct light naturally. The placement of deceased endangered insects in these works serve both as preservation, and a wishful willingness for them to re-animate. Her works have been exhibited in galleries, museums and sculpture parks nationally.