Rising Up Flowing Down

HangaroH Collective was invited to take part at Rising Up, Flowing Down exhibition at the Viennese Watertower in May 2018 to which we contributed with a number of artistic imputs including Handling Source, Leaky Tower, Sink Tank and Sleep Pods. These works were made in response to this event therefore unique and in deep relation to the place where they took place, the Watertower and the exhibition Rising Up, Flowing Down.


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Leaky Tower. Method/ Embrace , performative intervention at the Watertower.

We saw the tower and we saw it leaking. Technology, effort in saving, but its not possible. Circular thinking. Time, repetition, tide. A reflection on humans against nature.




Sink Tank, intervention at the Watertower. Video, sound and photography. 

Sink Tank is a site specific intervention, responding to the existing facilites that have appeared with the inception of the tower. The appropiated photograph comes from the beginning of the s.XX century and belongs to the watery journey originated at the springs in the Alps drifting down to this tower. It shows a scenery in the former ancient bath of Baden which is nowadays a museum for Art.

The modernisation of the old sink in the watertower during our working process was the trigger for this work. In reaction to some other installation in the same area the presentation of the photopraphy took finally place under the stairs of the tower:

„Das Schimmen, Untertauchen, Anspritzen, Aufspringen, Ausstrecken auf die Bänke, Ausspucken in das Bad, die Duschen oder Wasches des Kopfes überhaupt jede den Mitbadenden störende oder belästigende Handlung ist untersagt.“

„ The swimming, diving, splashing, jumping, stretching along the benches, spitting in the bath and shower or washing the head. In others words, all kind of disturbance of other bathing people is forbidden“   (Text appearing in the photograph)

Forbidden disturbance



Handling Source. Invisible drawing performance. Drawing with water and voice. 

Mapping, handling the memory of water: The rush, the continuity, the stream, the life force, touching, drawing, gesturing, moving, manipulating, fluidity. Springs bring the water to this territory, their names resonate at the Watertower. Acoustics and the space of this infrastructure translate a watery journey from the deep mountains to the city.

The slow performance started on the top, going down the spiral form of the tower by naming the springs and splashing water for each spring on the wall.

pod in tower fix.jpgpod protofix.jpgmylar.jpg

Sleep Pods, sculptures

The Sleep Pod was conceived in conjunction with Vocal Naps, as a performance ready single occupancy sheath of containment. It reduces outside stimulus while inducing a state of somatic relaxation and subconscious exploration. The diffusion of light through the translucent shell allows for the possibility of projection on the surface. The Pod represents a living system of growth and consciousness expansion. Several could be attached to the main structure, like embryos being nurtured by the towering water figure.




Photos by Anne Glassner and Raimund Appel.


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“The title, rising up, flowing down, describes a cyclical, rhythmic movement between two poles like waves of water. Suggesting transformations between different states of matter, this theme allows the event to encompass different topics related to water. For example, these may include the macro hydrological cycle of evaporation and rain around the globe, as well as the micro water circulation within organisms‘ bodies or even breath. Another important aspect is the transition between consciousness and subconscious, sleep and waking states”.

For more information about the exhibition: http://risingup-flowingdown.reservoir-project.org/

Documentary about the project: http://risingup-flowingdown.reservoir-project.org/documentary/ (only in German)


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